Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Don't get greedy

In my last post, I wrote that (see What to do for the rest of 2012?):
The most likely scenario is that US stocks will follow the election cycle and continue to grind upward, though in a highly choppy fashion.
While I still believe that equities will continue to grind upward, stocks appear to be a little extended in the short-run. My inner trader tells me to pull in my horns, raise a little cash and wait for a better entry level. This is strictly a tactical trading call with a time horizon of a week or so.

The chart of the SPX shows that the market has been exhibiting the bullish pattern of higher highs and high lows since early June. In the short-run, however, the market is now testing secondary resistance (dotted line) and faces further resistance at about 1% higher from current levels.

My short-term overbought/oversold indicator of the risk-on/risk-off trade shows the risk-on trade in overbought territory.

While an overbought market can get more overbought and there is further potential upside of 1% in the broader averages, the risk/reward ratio at this point is not tilted favorably for the bulls. I would rather wait for a better entry point if I had fresh cash and an aggressive trader may even wish to either lighten up positions or even possible go short in anticipation of lower prices in the near future.

Remember - this is a trading call only. Know your risk tolerances and adjust your positions accordingly.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Cam,

Have you seen any such divergence between risk on and risk off that neatly resolved itself especially in regards to small caps:large caps, equal weighted indices, and/or cyclicals?

Price action remains bullish with higher highs and higher lows but I still think the risk remains on the long side.