Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What now for the markets?

The market has been on a wild ride overnight since the election. It seemed as if Mr. Market couldn't decide if another four years of the Obama Administration was good or bad. Initially, ES futures sold off hard as the polls closed and Obama gained ground on Romney. It then rallied soon after Obama was declared the victor and the  USD weakened against most currencies. Most Asian and European bourses rose overnight. As the markets are poised to open on Wednesday, ES futures are deeply in the red and the USD has regained a bid.

Here is what I am watching. The graph below of the relative performance of SPY, representing equities and the risk-on trade, against TLT, representing long Treasuries and the risk-off trade, is forming a wedge - a sign of indecision for technicians.

Technicians often describe this pattern as a coiled spring. When it breaks out, it will typically break hard in the direction of the break.

Watch and listen to the message of the market.

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Anonymous said...

Is the title of your post a rhetorical question? Do you doubt the Fed will step in if things deteriorate? Obama had already signaled before the election that he and Congress would address the fiscal cliff before Jan 1. Doesn't this look like a buying opportunity?