Monday, August 19, 2013

Haunting the government from beyond the grave

This report from Reuters came across my desk, which I present without further comment:
An anonymous half-million pound bequest to Britain has mushroomed to 350 million pounds ($546 million) since it was made 85 years ago, trustee Barclays Bank said on Saturday - but London lawmakers can not get their hands on it.

The donor left the money in 1928, but said it should only be handed over once Britain had amassed enough funds to pay off its entire national debt, which now totals 1.2 trillion pounds.
There was a loophole:
[The] donor had stipulated the trustees could use part of the funds to pay down the debt if, in their opinion, national circumstances merited a payment.
Neither World War Two nor any debt crises since have moved the trustees to pay out.
It seems that you can haunt the government from beyond the grave.

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