Wednesday, June 29, 2016

How to trade the US election

Mid-week market update: There isn't much to say about the short-term stock market outlook, other than to acknowledge that a strong reflex rally is underway. As the markets are reacting in a highly emotional way, I have little to add other than to say that the market will be volatile. If you did jump on the buy signal issued on Monday night (see Hitting the Brexit trifecta), you might consider scaling out of your long positions as prices rise, especially as SPX rallies to test the underside of its 50 day moving average.

Brian Gilmartin pointed out that both the bond market and gold are not retracing the Brexit panic move the way stock prices are, which is a worrisome sign. I interpret these conditions as a bottoming process, where the market will bounce around in a range and re-test the lows before it can mount a sustainable rally.

Trading the US election
Now that the Brexit has been "fixed", I turn to ways of trading the US presidential election this year. The last polls show that Hillary Clinton well ahead of Donald Trump and the Iowa Electronic Markets indicates that HRC has about a 70% chance of winning.

The analysis from FiveThirtyEight show similar levels of probability:

I have a couple of suggested trades to take advantage of either Clinton or Trump winning. As Clinton is currently in the lead, I will frame these trades as a "long" Clinton trade, but if you want to be "long" Trump, then all you have to do is put on the reverse trade by shorting instead of buying.

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