Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A passive index fund built to outperform?

A long time reader sent me this Seeking Alpha article entitled "Monish Pabrai Has Created An Index Fund Built To Outperform", which described a "passive index fund" built using the following three investment themes deployed in three portfolio buckets:
  • Share buybacks: Companies that are buying back their own shares
  • Selected value manager holdings: The holdings of 22 selected value managers, based on their 13F filings
  • Spin-offs: Companies that were recently spun off from their parent
It's difficult to have a detailed opinion on the pros and cons of this fund. That's because the article only described what this "index fund" would hold, it did not describe the portfolio construction method, or how much of each stock it would hold. So it`s impossible to understand the risk profile of the fund, the size of its factor exposures, as well as its sector and industry exposures.

All the marketing hype aside, this investing approach is really a re-packaged form of factor investing, otherwise known as "smart beta". Therefore investors who buy into such a vehicle should expect similar kinds of results as "smart beta", though in a multi-factor format.

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