Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The joys of west coast living

A post totally unrelated to investing: Yesterday I heard on the radio that there was a grey whale cavorting off one of the local piers. This is an unusual event but the sockeye salmon run this year has at record highs so that's what the whale was likely feeding on. We grabbed our child and got some pictures:

Here is another:

Back in May, there was also a grey whale spotted in the area. Here is a video report from the local TV station of the latest sighting.

Ah, the joys of Canadian west coast living!

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keithpiccirillo said...

Nice. My family and I have gone from Ct. to Point Judith R.I. to whale watch while on holiday. My wife is an educator and says they are an endangered lot.
Your area needs to keep those foot and sneaker sightings down to a statistically insignificant level though.
Curious news about alleged "airplane trade" of Zhou Xiachuan is a front burner story.