Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How serious is this selloff?

Yesterday, global stock markets sold off mainly on the Hollande and Holland news. European stocks are in a well-defined one-month downtrend.

US equities descended to test an important technical support level.

However, when I look at the FX and bond markets, I can't see the same level of investor angst that seems to exist in the equity markets. For example, if Europe is such a mess, why is the EURUSD exchange rate holding up so well?

Also consider the CADUSD exchange rate, which is sensitive to commodity prices and a measure of risk appetite. The loonie remains in a trading range relative to the greenback.

There are no signs of panic in the bond market either. High yield, or junk, bonds continue to perform reasonably well in light of the difficulties experienced by the stock market. Why isn't risk aversion showing up in this market?

In conclusion, until we get signs of a significant decline in risk appetite from the foreign exchange and bond markets, this bout of stock market weakness is just another phase in a sideways and choppy market.

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FGH said...

Q: Why?

A: The Bernanke and Draghi put

Unknown said...

Hi Cam,

I would think so too.

However what I am starting to wonder is how the European and US markets will behave in the next few quarters

It seems US is on a nice and steady recovery, albeit slow. While the major economies in Europe are on a nice and steady downtrend.

In fact, it seems that except Europe all other major countries are not doing too bad

This divergence in growth rates in major economies and how that will impact Index movements, is something that I have trying to wrap my head around