Monday, September 5, 2011

Why Germany should leave the eurozone (in pictures)

Everyone knows that Italian yield spreads against Bunds have been blowing out:

10-Year Italian bond yields vs. 10-year Bunds.

I thought that I would look at the long-term performance of the other major eurozone stock markets against the DAX. Here is Italy, which is a bellwether for stress within the eurozone. It's been in a relative downtrend since 2005 and there are no indications that there is any bottom. The downtrend has been steady, well-defined and not oversold on RSI.

What about the other major partner, France? Oh, never mind...

How about other "hard" currency countries, like the Netherlands?

The one "silver lining" in this analysis has been the performance of Spain's IBEX 35 against the DAX, which has appeared to have rallied out of its relative downtrend.

How much longer can Germany carry the rest of the eurozone?

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Sion said...

The Dax is not carrying the Eurozone. The "Dax", due to it's containment within the euro zone is destroying the other markets.

The same thing happens between the US and China. China fixes the Yuan relative to the dollar and then proceeds to manufacture a competitive advantage by means of low interest rates etc and the US suffers.

Effectively the Euro PIIGS and others are chained to a voracious animal. They should run but they cannot so they get eaten.