Thursday, September 6, 2012

Watch what the market does, not what pundits say

As I watch indicators of the RORO trade, risk-on continues to be the prevalent trend. The cyclically oriented Consumer Discretionary stocks continue to outperform defensively oriented Consumer Staples stocks.

Equities are in an uptrend against 7-10 year Treasuries.

And we see the same pattern for high-yield against Treasuries.

Watch the market's reaction
Notwithstanding the trend favoring the risk-on trade, the next few days will mark a test for the markets:

Thursday (Sep 6): ECB decision and meeting.
Friday (Sep 7): US NFP.
Wednesdy (Sep 12): German Constitutional Court decision on ESM.
Wednesdy (Sep 12): Dutch election.
Wednesdy (Sep 12): Apple iPhone 5 announcement (!)
Thursday (Sep 13): End of 2-day FOMC meeting.

Peter Boockvar, writing at The Big Picture about the ECB meeting, asked Are we approaching the classic sell on the news moment? [emphasis added]

With the ECB tomorrow laying out its bond buying plan with implementation dependent on a country request for help and the Fed likely embarking on more action next week, the stock market is approaching the moment when the central bank news is out and market participants must determine if it’s something that hasn’t been discounted yet.
I will be watching these events with great interest in the next few days. Given all the leaks of the details of the ECB's programs, will it be a sell on news day as analysis of why the ECB's efforts are doomed to failure dominate the day?

If NFP release were to see an upside surprise on Friday, will stocks react positively because the economy is improving or negatively because it downgrades the likelihood of QE3? On the other hand, will a miss on NFP payroll be viewed negatively or positively because it gives more ammunition for the Fed's doves to ease?

While I believe that the risk-on trend remains in place and the path of least resistance for stocks and risky assets prices is up, the market's reaction to news in these next few days will be just as important as the news itself.

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