Thursday, February 7, 2013

Have Mom and Pop REALLY been buying stocks?

Recently the blogosphere was full of stories of how the individual investor has been pouring money into equity mutual funds and interpreting this as either bullishly (momentum) or bearishly (retail money = dumb money). But have they really been buying stocks hand over fist?

The TD-Ameritrade Investor Movement Index (IMX) is a relatively new index that measures the change in net equity exposure of the TD-Ameritrade customer. Surprisingly, their net exposure fell in January despite being net buyers of equities:

Clients were net buyers of equities in January, but their investments held and adjusted portfolio compositions (net of trading activity) were less volatile relative to the S+P 500 than in previous periods. This lowered clients' overall exposure to the equity market and drove the IMX down last month.
I have been relatively cautious on stocks lately, largely because of excessive bullishness indicating a crowded long, overbought technical readings (see my recent posts Too far, too fast and More overbought warnings from BoAML) and insider selling (see Insider selling, it's baaack!). I do not base my conclusions on retail investor activity.

Nevertheless, I am always looking for either data or commentary that shows the other side of the story. The IMX is one indicator that is definitely worth watching.

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