Thursday, April 25, 2013

Watching silver for the bottom in gold

In a recent post (see What to do about gold?) I suggested that a tradable bottom for gold may be near, but to wait for some signs of price stabilization:
Personally, I would be inclined to step aside for now and watch how this trade develops. Gold could have great upside potential once it bottoms, but prudence calls for waiting for some signs of stabilization before getting long. I would rather miss the first 10-20% move than lose another 50% should I get long prematurely.
It appears that we are seeing signs of a panic bottom and some signs of stability. The chart of GLD is showing the classic signs of a capitulation bottom:

The same goes for GDX:

As much as my inner trader is itching to jump onto the long side with both feet, a falling silver/gold ratio is flashing a caution signal. The chart below shows the silver/gold ratio as the solid line and the gold price as the candlestick chart. If silver is the high-beta version of gold, i.e. the poor man's gold, why is the silver/gold ratio continuing to fall here?  

In the last couple of instances where gold had bottomed, the silver/gold ratio bottomed at about the same time. Here is the 2008 bottom:

Here is 2004:  

The most charitable explanation that 2013 corresponds to the 2001 gold bottom, where the silver/gold ratio continued to fall. As the gold price stabilized, rallied and then fell back to test the bottom, the silver/gold ratio stabilized, though it was several months late in confirming the start of the secular gold bull.  

The markets in 2011 and 2013 may not be directly comparable. 2001 was the end of a multi-decade secular gold bear market. Today, the price of gold peaked out in late 2012 and fell back below important technical levels after a long bull market.  

Bottom line: We are likely seeing a short-term bottom for gold here. On the other hand, don't be so sure about the intermediate term trend. There may be more downside to come. We'll just have to watch and wait to see how some of these technical patterns resolve themselves.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting Cam. However, the silver/gold ratio seems to have bottomed out at the same time as the metal and the miners and has bounced back. And yet you say it is still falling?

My concern is that the decline may be a flag and we could continue down to the 1100 area. At the very least I'd want to see a retest of the lows before jumping in. (Although I have to admit that the value guy in me couldn't resist buying a profitable junior minor as a spec while gold tumbled.)

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