Saturday, April 12, 2014

Risk control, not just for investors

I know that I am behind the times sometimes, but take a look at this video. It was made in support of the PR campaign for the remake of the film "Carrie":

As I watched the so-called prank, it occurred to me that the producers should be careful not to stage this stunt in a jurisdiction where there is a "stand your ground" law. Let's just suppose that a so-called weapon carrying patron came upon this scene. Would he feel justified to shoot the actress playing the Carrie-like character, especially if he saw the demonstration that she had unknown psychic powers and he felt that his personally safety was threatened?

When you life in a country where citizens have a constitutional right to bear arms, a little risk control goes a long way. Just remember the motto on the New Hampshire license plate:

Just something to ponder as you read your weekend paper.


keithpiccirillo said...

Since 1809 when the phrase was first used, lots of things have changed.
Unfortunately, the extreme split in adopted cultural norms of the populace in America are indeed the main divisive issues of the day. Gun control, like abortion, same sex marriage, and the death penalty seem to stir public ire.
Randomness in life and predestination or fate is a part of life but rationalism and self are better ways I think to describe what governs our actions.
E.g., once when I was a police officer I met a man at his home who complained he was always getting in trouble and fights at bars. The other officer with me wittingly quipped, "Do you know how hard it is to get in trouble when you are sitting at home in your living room? Almost impossible."

Cam Hui, CFA said...

I agree. Note that the post was neither in support nor in opposition to gun control. It was just a comment on the level of risk in the environment.

T Huang in Texas said...

In America, we don't trust our government, at many of us. The tyranny of government is well documented by our Founding Fathers who established the Constitution to protect its citizens from such tyranny.

Whether you believe in gun control or not, you have to admire the Americans for standing up for its freedom. Live Free or Die...don't be a slave to any government.