Tuesday, April 14, 2009

For commodity bulls

I began Humble Student of the Markets as a way of putting down my thoughts on the markets, quant funds, investment processes and hedge funds. These are only my thoughts and I have no other agenda. The audience for those topics can be somewhat divergent and topics that interest one group may not be of interest to others.

A weekly newsletter for commodity bulls
Long time readers know that I remain a long-term commodity bull, although I am at odds with a number of gold bugs because gold is not a religion for me. I am experimenting with writing longer pieces on commodity trends on a weekly basis that are really too long to be posted here.

I will be emailing them to a number of contacts that I know and it is free.

If you would like to get on the email list please drop me a line at cam at hbhinvestments.com. I promise that I will keep your email address to myself and won’t give, sell or rent your email away to anyone.

The first post will be entitled An investment for the gold bull daredevil, to be sent out this weekend.

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don said...

TIPs may not be the best inflation hedge for this Gold Bull.
Governments will distort currency and CPI on hyperinflation, as they have done with the banks.
Gold and Silver plus Platinum will be the only hedges for Hyperinflation. No dividend yield means Taxflation(TM) will result in
Preservation of Purchasing Capital(TM),which is Real Wealth.