Saturday, May 17, 2014

A lion with a Chinese face

China's President Xi Jinping recently likened China to a sleeping lion: "China is a sleeping lion. Today, the lion has woken up. But it is peaceful, pleasant and civilized."

Here is something for you to consider over the weekend. As foreign affairs pundits have wrung their hands over the geopolitical implications of the territorial dispute between China and Vietnam, the PhilippinesJapan and others, you have to consider how aggressive the Chinese are when they have converted the former Soviet aircraft carrier, the Kiev, into a floating hotel.

This is truly an example of communism a lion with a Chinese face. (I wonder what it costs to book a room for the night on the USS Nimitz...)

Greed is good. Greed is right. Greed works.

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1 comment:

Rik said...

Looks that a lot if not even most of the Chinese agression is caused by the US.
-Its 'new' Pacific orientation.
-Recent Obama statements about some small bird poo covered disputed islands (without being forced to);
-Developments in the Ukraine (what can happen to Russia can (or even will) happen to China lateron).

If the US gives China some room to develop relatively safe transport routes (and some resources of their own) little really serious can happen. If not and the US goes confrontational it might (better likely will) create the next cold war. You need only one agressor to get there.
Same with keep on pushing on Russia like now (better earlier) in The Ukraine/Eastern Europe. China (and likely India as well but more deferred) knows it is likely they will be next. At least cannot afford to take that chance.

Problem is some Americans still havenot grasped that the Cold War ended 20-25 years ago. There has been ample time for a real reset (at least sincerely try that)which was simply waisted with Russia. With China it might as well be too late. Looks like they are sort of 'forced' diversifying away from US and its allies (where possible).
Same as the OilArabs btw. Supporting all sorts of Spring groups has shown as when it really counts rather unreliable allies. They simply seem to hedge their positions now.

Pretty counterproductive foreign policies imho.