Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The correction is (probably) over

Mid-week market update: About two weeks ago, my inner trader turned cautious on the US stock market (see my tweet and subsequent post Tactically taking profits in the commodity and reflation trade). I had cited as reasons the weakness from China, the commodity markets and, later, Europe (see Waiting for the storm to pass), which was based on inter-market and cross-asset analysis. (Though my inner investor remained constructive on stocks.)

Since then, the SPX weakened to test an important technical support at 2040, which represents the neckline of a potential head and shoulders formation. (As all good technicians know, a head and shoulders formation isn't complete until the neckline is broken.) While the market did break 2040 last week on an intra-day basis, neckline support held. In addition, the NASDAQ Composite confirmed the strength today by staging an upside breakout through resistance.

At the time of the bearish trading call, I said that I would turn bullish if:
  • The US stock market got oversold and sentiment models flashed a crowded short reading; o
  • The stock markets improved in Europe or Asia.
Let's consider what has happened since then.

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