Wednesday, June 13, 2018

How far can this rally run?

Mid-week market update: Since early May, it has been evident that the bulls have regained control of the tape (see The bulls are back in town). Not much can faze this market. Even today's hawkish Fed rate hike left the market down only -0.4% on the day. The question for investors then becomes how far this rally can go.

From a technical perspective, the answer was surprising. Applying point and figure chart on the SPX yielded a target of 2609 using the parameters of daily prices, and the traditional box size and 3 box reversal. Extending the time horizon to weekly prices, the target was 2549, and monthly prices, 2579.

This analysis implies that the market has overshot its target. But varying the parameters using a % box size told a different, and more bullish, story.

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