Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Electoral and market expectations

Ezra Klein has an (unscientific) sample of pundits with their views of the electoral outcome for the Presidential election and there are 11 calls for an Obama victory and 8 calls for a Romney victory. My favorite forecaster is intrade.

Notwithstanding the argument that polls are where people voice their opinions and prediction markets are where people put their money on the line, I was convinced of the prediction markets when in 1980, the polls showed a neck-and-neck race between Reagan and Carter, while the betting books in London showed about a two-thirds chance of a Reagan win. The rest is history.

As I write this, intrade is showing a 73.5% chance of four more years for Obama:

...and the key swing states breaking for Obama. If Romney can't even hold VA, then he is truly toast:

Here is my thought of the day. With opinions so divided and assuming that intrade forecast is correct, how badly will the markets be "surprised" by an Obama win?

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Anonymous said...

The problem with Intrade is that it is outside the U.S. and doesn't have a lot of participation by U.S. citizens.