Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Class assignments for "Thinking Straight 101"

Good afternoon, class. Welcome to another session of "Thinking Straight 101". Your assignment today is to choose one of the topics below and write an essay for next week's class:
  • North Korea: George Friedman at Geopolitical Futures recently warned, "All the signs are there: The U.S. is telling North Korea, in no uncertain terms, that war is approaching." Discuss the probability of war.
  • Small cap technology buy signal: Marketwatch recently highlighted Jonathan Krinsky's bullish outlook for small cap Technology stocks. Disentangle the source of potential alpha in the buy signal.
  • China: While there has been much angst over China's crackdown on the shadow banking system, there is a school of thought that, no matter what happens, Beijing can take steps to avoid a hard landing. Discuss the consequences of socializing losses.
Each of the stated positions have their own inherent contradictions.

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