Wednesday, April 11, 2018

A bottoming process

Mid-week market update: As the market bounces around in reaction to the headline of the day, it is important to maintain some perspective and see the underlying trend. Numerous sentiment and technical indicators are pointing towards a bottoming process and a bullish intermediate term outlook. Day-to-day price movements, on the other hand, are hard to predict.

Consider, for example, the positioning of large speculators (read: hedge funds) in the high beta NASDAQ 100 futures and options. Hedgopia reported that large speculators are in a crowded short in NDX.

By contrast, large speculators are in a crowded long in the VIX Index, which tends to move inversely with the stock market.

While Commitment of Traders data analysis tend to work well as a contrarian indicator on an intermediate term time frame, sentiment models can be inexact market timing indicators.

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