Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The post-FANG market beaters hiding in plain sight

Mid-week market update: It is encouraging that the stock market held up well in the face of bad news on global trade. Global markets adopted a risk-off tone on the news of Chinese trade retaliation, but the SPX managed to hold a key support level and rally through a downtrend line.

Looking over the past few weeks, equity market weakness really started rolling when technology stocks rolled over in March. The carnage was not just confined to Facebook, or Amazon, but to the entire technology sector and globally. The relative performance of European technology stocks (green line) paralleled the relative performance of US technology.

One encouraging sign for the broader market can be found in my risk appetite metrics. High yield bonds (top panel) are not confirming the weakness in stock prices, though momentum (middle panel), and high beta (bottom) panel are struggling.

Notwithstanding the weakness in the technology sector, where can investors find opportunity (or places to hide) in light of the constructive view on the broader equity market?

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