Thursday, February 7, 2019

Why there will be a US-China trade deal by March 1

Stock prices began on a sour note this morning (Thursday) on the fears of a European growth slowdown. They slid further when Trump advisor Larry Kudlow appeared on Fox Business News and said that there's "a sizable difference" between the US and China's positions in the trade negotiations. The White House went on to pour cold water on the idea of an imminent Trump-Xi summit and said that the two may not meet before the March 1 deadline.

The two most trade deal sensitive vehicles, Chinese equity ETFs and soybean prices, weakened as a consequence. However, their technical patterns remain constructive. FXI (top panel) remains in an uptrend as it tested a resistance zone after exhibiting a double bottom. Soybean prices are also in an uptrend and they are also testing resistance.

My inclination is to shrug off the negative headlines as posturing by American negotiators. There will be a trade deal. Here is why.

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We were also timely at the 2009 bottom. We issued a call to buy beaten up low-priced stocks with high insider buying a week before the ultimate bottom (see Phoenix rising? February 24, 2009).

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