Saturday, April 3, 2021

Biden's American Rescue Plan: Bullish or bearish?

If you thought that Biden would govern as a centrist, you were wrong. In the wake of the passage of a $1.9 trillion stimulus package, President Joe Biden is planning to attack the enduring challenge of inequality by expanding government spending with a second ambitious $3 trillion economic renewal plan and a revamp of the tax code. It is intended to be a repudiation of the Reagan Revolution and the neoliberal consensus that has dominated economic thinking for decades. He reportedly decided to go big on reform for the following reasons:
  • Biden is enjoying his honeymoon period, and his approval ratings are strong. The New York Times reported that a Republican pollster found that even 57% of Republican voters supported Biden's recent $1.9 trillion spending package.
  • The Democrats have full party control of Congress, and a short window before the mid-terms to enact legislation.
  • The pandemic recovery is offering both economic and political tailwinds to enact legislation.
What does this mean for investors?

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